Fish Oils!

This is Omega-3 Supreme 1400 mg Fish Oil Concentrate. Each bottle contains easy to swallow gelatin capsules. After trying this fish oil concentrate I can honestly say I felt better. Studies show it can lower your cholesterol and blood pressure and reduce inflammation from conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. That is where I say I felt better. I have never tried fish oil for inflammation. Yet during my trial I had alot less flare ups and less inflammation on a whole. It also aided in my migraines as I get migraines often yet during the entire time I think I had 1 which is huge. I never knew it could assist with that until now and after reading other reviews as well I see I’m not the only one.

The pills are pretty big bit they are softgels so they do go down easily. Their is a slight fishy smell to them but nothing over powering and once down no after taste etc. No fishy burps as they call it here either.

I will continue to use these as I do feel my pain is alot less and see the difference. I was given the opportunity to try this product for free for my honest review and I am so happy I was given that opportunity



This ceramic hair straightener works. Period. It heated up quickly to a temperature that was perfect for our daughter’s use, and I even had to adjust it down a bit for myself. This flat iron is easy to hold and easy to use, and performed the job very well. Yes, the placement of the digital controls is a design-issue that needs a rethink, but the unit has a work-around that works. If you are looking for a hair straightener then I can recommend this one.

This unit heated up very quickly for me, in just a matter of seconds it was ready for use. 30 seconds tops.

The next product I got for free is the Cermanic Hair Flat Iron by ISA.

My hair is thin so I actually had to turn the heat down to 180 degrees, and that worked perfectly. The weight and balance are just right, and the unit is comfortable to hold and use.

As mentioned, the digital control buttons are placed in the perfectly wrong place and are always tweaked by my hand and fingers, but the unit’s work-around actually works: Once the flat iron heats up to the desired temperature, double clicking the power button will lock the controls to disable the buttons so you do not accidentally change the temperature. I found that this worked well, though the buttons still kept beeping at me every time I touched them. When done, I double clicked the power button to remove the button lock, then then clicked it once again to turn the power off. A bit complex, but it really did work.

It is a nice looking unit that feels good in the hand. The documentation notes that this item includes a two year warranty, so if an issue arises within that time period I will return here to update the review and let you know what the issue was and how resolution was handled. I did receive this hair straightener gratis from the manufacturer and have put it through the paces to objectively find out how well it performed. My statements here reflect that testing.

If you are looking for flat iron hair straightener of this size, style and design, for use similar to what I have described above, and can put up with a little design quirk that really does not hamper operation, then I absolutely recommend this unit based on my experience with it.

Retinol Cream

The next product I got for free to review is Retinol Cream 2.5 by Amara Organics

First of all, let me point out that I have sensitive skin and retinols are notorious for sometimes irritating some people’s skin. I did not have this problem at all. After applying I do feel a slight tingling, but it’s not painful, it’s actually somewhat refreshing! I even put it under and around my eyes with no problem (slightly stingy here, but very slight and it went away quickly ). I saw an immediate superficial difference on my first application; my pores were tightened as was my skin in general.
Fine lines were minimized though my deeper crevasses were still visible; from what I understand about retinols, after about a month of use I’ll see a big difference there too.

In the morning my skin has a glow after absorbing this overnight. I’ve been using this over a serum and alternating using this under my eyes with an eye cream. After about 3 weeks use, I’m seeing a vast improvement in my skin’s texture and evenness and the fine lines are really lessening across the board. My skin feels soft and plump and looks good even without makeup. The circles under my eyes are diminishing and tightening. To get the best out of this stuff, make sure sure your skin is super clean and exfoliated to really absorb the benefits, though this will help with exfoliating and getting rid of dead cells. You can also use this on areas that you feel need a youth treatment, like gnarly old lady hands! (guilty as charged!) I also recommend applying this to your neck and chest for an even look from your face down. These oft neglected areas are actually the worst for showing our age, so treat them well! This is a HUGE bottle, so don’t be shy about applying this liberally.

Raspberry Weight Loss

The next product that I got for free in exchange for an honest review is Pure Raspberry Ketones – Weight Loss Supplement by Fresh Healthcare

I had seen Raspberry Ketones on the show the Drs. Had been wanting to try it for some time now. I have been trying to lose weight for a while. I have always struggled with it. So I decided to try the Raspberry Ketones. It works! I do not have any side affects like the jitters or racing pulse. I feel normal. I really do not physical notice any negative side effects. But the one thing I do notice is I am not constantly hungry. That ‘s my biggest downfall when I diet is that I am hungry and after a few days I crack and binge eat like a teenage boy. When I am taking the ketones I don’t have that constant hunger. And I’ve even noticed my desire for carbs has decreased. My weight is mostly carried in my mid section and the raspberry ketones are helping to combat it and make it disappear. I am very happy with the results I have seen so far and will continue to use the Raspberry Ketones.

Vitamin C and Me

A great product I just received for free is the Vitamin C Serum by Defy Naturals.

I personally, am a bit too young to be using products like a Vitamin C Serum, but I use them anyways, as a hydration for my face. And let me tell you, this stuff really works. It’s absolutely amazing and I really would recommend it to anyone who wants to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and also ontop of that wants an amazing smelling product and great hydration.

Colon Cleansing!? WHOA!

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Alright, so another great product that I received for free is the Colon Health weight loss colon cleanser supplement from V Health Tech. I never thought that I would use a product like a “colon cleanser”, being only 18, I wouldn’t think I would NEED something like that, you know? Maybe just like…a multi-vitamin, but I never thought I would need something like this.

Let me tell you something straight up, everyone NEEDS to do this, at least ONCE. After just a few days on the colon cleanse, my body felt more refreshed and renewed, as if all the toxins got out of me! Added bonus; it’s also a weight loss supplement. So I feel good, and LOOK good! Can’t wait to keep it going! 🙂

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Anti Cellulite Cream and Me!


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Hello everyone, this is Samantha. This is my first time making a blog, or even doing a blog review.

Anyways, my very first blog post will be about an amazing product that I received for free in exchange for an honest review.

It’s the anti cellulite cream by the company SpalonTech. This product is an absolute lifesaver. Ever since I was a young girl, I struggled with weight problems, and only just a year ago; I reached my wanted body type, but after all that work, I still had reminders of my past body. I have cellulite on my legs and arms and it was just an eyesore, and a sad reminder of whom I once was.

This product, absolutely helped me with that problem. Only after a few days of use, did I see the cellulite visibly shrinking, and my skin starting to tighten up again. It’s also a great size (12 ounces!), and super easy to use especially with the pump nozzle. This particular product, also smells SUPER awesome! Just fantastic product overall; and I seriously do recommend it for anyone who has cellulite and wants those eyesores gone!

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